A fresh, visual take on technical strategies

Our visual strategies are designed to make strategy easy to understand, communicate, and implement. From managing your existing situation to preparing for the future, our strategies help position your business for success amidst fierce market competition.

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Our visual strategies cover:

Personal Strategy

It is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, which can affect your passion, focus, and planning. We specialise in creating personalised visual strategies tailored to your specific goals, allowing you to align directly with them. Our objective is to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself, both personally and professionally.

Sales Strategy

Without a strategic perspective, sales processes can be uncoordinated and unfocused, leading to lower returns. Our sales strategies aim to define actions that effectively allocate your resources and create a competitive advantage against other sellers in your market.

Business Strategy

From understanding your company's vision and mapping out your business activities to aligning with your values, we focus on building effective business strategies that drive performance in your organisation. We not only prepare you for market competition but also help position you for future market shocks.

Digital Product Strategy

Building a valuable digital product can be a daunting process, filled with risk and uncertainty. We leverage our years of business experience and academic backgrounds in economics, as well as our extensive experience in UI/UX, to help you develop a strategy that drives a valuable business proposition.

Brand Design Strategy

A strong visual identity has the power to evoke emotions in your audience. With our design strategy, we can assist you in positioning yourself correctly in your market and differentiating yourself from competitors. We help shape the look and feel of your business, from tone of voice to aesthetic.

Advertising Strategy

We specialise in creating advertising strategies that give you an edge over the competition. Our advertising strategy helps you identify the steps you need to establish a strong brand presence. This includes determining the right platforms to use, allocating your ad budgets effectively, and creating the right content.

Data Strategy

From understanding your existing data processes to formulating a clear plan on how to collect, store, and manage data for better business decisions, our data strategies are personalised specifically for your operations. This provides you with clarity on what to focus on to achieve the best performance through data.

Customer Retention Strategy

From understanding your existing customers and your relationship management solutions, to providing you with a clear system to build on customer loyalty and satisfaction, our retention strategy helps you secure your existing client base while helping you create additional business value.

How they work


Personalised Assessment + Scorecard

Each of our visual strategies includes a personalised assessment related to its specific topic. This assessment helps us understand your vision, current position, and the obstacles that may be hindering your progress.


Visual Strategy Delivery

We build and deliver a visual strategy that takes into account your personal scorecard results. This strategy helps you outline and implement specific strategic choices for optimal results.


Consulting Session

Our follow-up consulting sessions are designed to present your visual strategy to you and your stakeholders. Our goal is to make the strategy easy to understand and practical to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this provide me with value?

An effective strategy creates clarity and alignment across business activities. It also helps with competition and safeguards your vision against future shocks. Our strategies are designed to assist you in making the right choices, whether on a personal or professional level, to navigate towards your goals and gain a competitive edge.

Why a Visual Strategy?

Over years of designing and developing strategies for entrepreneurs and organisations alike, we realised that communicating and distilling a strategy is just as important as the technical nuances that make it great. We wanted to exercise a fresh take on strategic work, making strategy something fun and impactful that is applicable.

Are these strategies personalised?

We leverage our strategic frameworks and principles to tailor your visual strategy specific to your business needs.

How is my visual strategy delivered?

We start with an assessment consultation, where you will receive a personalised scorecard and a visual strategy document. During the insight delivery session, we will go over these documents with you. Additionally, you will receive downloadable documents that you can refer to at any time.

Can I have my session in-person?

If you are located in London, then of course you can have an in-person meeting. However, if you are located elsewhere, it will most likely be conducted over Google Meets or Zoom.

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