Personalised retainers to help you on your business journey

At Rarepublic, you have the opportunity to work regularly with an experienced consultant to solve problems that hinder the acceleration of your business.

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Personalise how you spend your time with us

Our retainers offer you the ability to customise your experience with us. Simply choose how often you want us to interact with your business and what you need month-to-month to extract maximum value from our consultations.


Through our mentorship we design a customised pathway to help you reach your personal and professional goals. Each pathway is unique and tailored to clients.

Scorecard Assessments

Tap into aspects of our personalised assessments to assess your current position and how to improve operational efficiency.

Visual Consulting Workshops

Allocate specific sessions to a design professional to help you create tangible assets for your business within the allotted time you have.


From designing daily routines to setting business goals, work with your consultant to put your strategy into action while being held accountable.

How it works


Onboarding process

An informal, light onboarding process to understand your personal and business goals and how we can assist.


Choose your frequency

We offer a variety of flexible options so you can see how we operate and how we align with your needs.


Customise your pathway

Once onboarded, you will be assigned a personal consultant who will devise a pathway for you to achieve your desired results.

Frequently asked questions

How long does each session last?

Each consulting workshop lasts no more than 50 minutes.

How often will I be meeting with you?

The frequency will depend on how much you need us. It can range from once a month to daily. We often recommend a weekly session to maintain momentum.

What is included in the consulting?

We treat our consulting sessions as active workshops, where you can wireframe, design, and develop ideas, or you could pick your expert's brain on how to solve specific problems. No two sessions are ever the same, but each session is layered with precision and value.

Do I need to commit to a retainer?

We have fixed contracts at lower rates with rolling contracts at higher rates. This depends on your preference and flexibility. For us we like to build relationships with our clients hence we incentivise the longer rate contracts.

Am I eligible for a free micro consultation?

Our micro consultations are available to all. Each individual is limited to one consultation.

Not sure where to start?

We offer free micro consultations to help business owners identify which assessments may be best for them. No obligation, just a friendly and productive conversation.

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