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At Rarepublic, we've developed a range of technical assessments that identify areas to improve on to help strengthen your performance across a range of key business areas.

Our assessments cover

Personal Lifestyle



Business Strategy



Data Systems

Customer retention

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Specialised assessments for

Personal Lifestyle Assessment

Many of us have a vision of where we want to be. Unfortunately, there are obstacles that hinder the development of positive habits. We can help identify these to assist you in building focus and consistency.

UI/UX Assessment

Designed specifically for companies that have either an internal or commercial software solution that are looking to refresh their products to optimise their UI/UX.

Design Assessment

Our design assessment looks at all aspects of your written and visual communication that represents your company to evaluate the efficacy of brand positioning within your market.

Business Strategy Assessment

We analyse the macro and micro implications of your existing business strategy, evaluating its effectiveness and performance while identifying areas for improvement.

Brand Assessment

We assess all of your consumer touch points to determine the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. Our assessments help align with your target audience, where to target them, and what to present.

Sales Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of your business prospects, sales software, customer on-boarding process and soft-sales skills for acquiring new clients.

Data Systems Assessment

A deep dive into your existing data collection processes to help understand key areas where your business can improve when transforming data into insight.

Customer Retention Assessment

A look into existing customer retention programs to understand areas which impact your customer retention and satisfaction across your product range.

Better choices, greater focus

Good choices lead to greater performance. Unfortunately, sometimes it can become hard to know exactly where to place your energy for the best results. At Rarepublic, we've spent many years putting the right mechanisms in place to help organisations diagnose and remove obstacles that get in the way of their vision.

How they work


Dynamic Questionnaires

Through a relaxed conversation, we will ask you a series of questions to help understand where you are and where you want to be heading. Each question is designed to uncover core areas for improvement.


Personalised Scorecard

You're presented with a personalised scorecard that indicates the strengths and weaknesses of your existing approach and how these translate into your vision for the future.


Tailored recommendations

Through our follow-up consulting session, we carefully go through your results while offering key considerations you should make to proactively progress towards your goals.

Asking the right questions

We have spent years developing a range of dynamic questionnaires. These questionnaires ensure that each question asked is relevant only to you. This approach makes our initial engagements highly productive, engaging, and laser-focused.

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Perfect for those looking to take what they have learnt through their assessments and to make coherent and clear strategic choices around either their personal life or business.

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Frequently asked questions

How long do our assessments last?

Our assessment consultation typically last no longer than 40 minutes.

How much does an assessment cost?

Each assessment typically costs £250., however the cost of an assessment may vary depending on the size of your organisation.

Can I pair an assessment with a visual strategy?

Of course! In fact, for each visual strategy, you receive a free corresponding assessment.

How are these assessments conducted?

We ask you a series of non-intrusive questions, which we then translate into a personalised scorecard.

Am I eligible for a free micro consultation?

Our micro consultations are open to everyone. Each person is limited to one consultation.

Not sure where to start?

We offer free micro consultations to help business owners identify which assessments may be best for them. No obligation, just a friendly and productive conversation.

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