Tailored data solutions for businesses of different sizes

At Rarepublic, we help companies of different sizes build infastructure to collect, manage and process data to make effective business decisions.

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We provide specific services in relation to data

Data Collection

From landing pages and forms to third-party applications, we can help you develop a clear methodology for your business to start collecting data and extracting key insights to improve performance.

Internal Interviews

In organisations with many skilled employees, collecting and consolidating information about company culture can be time-consuming. We help facilitate stakeholder and employee interviews to unlock hidden insights for valuable content.

Questionnaire Development

Asking the right questions ultimately leads to the right insights. However, many companies collect unstructured data, resulting in gaps and inaccuracies in the collated results. We help build the appropriate frameworks that lead to high-quality insights.

Data Visualisation

Data without context, story, or visualisation is difficult to communicate. This reduces its effectiveness and its potential to drive change. Our focus is on transforming our data into something that is easily understandable, enabling you to communicate with a wider audience.

Data Systems Assessments

A deep dive into your existing data collection processes to help understand key areas where your business can improve when transforming data into insight.

Data Systems Strategy

From understanding your existing data processes to formulating a clear plan on how to collect, store, and manage data for better business decisions, our data strategies are personalised specifically for your operations.

Better data, better decisions

We help companies think differently about data by making it easier to manage and understand. Best of all we simplify the entire process tailoring a solution specific to your specific needs.

How we work



We will begin with a relaxed assessment, analysing your current data systems and processes to gain an understanding of how you currently manage and process your data.


Data Strategy

We develop a strategy for your business by determining the questions that need to be answered, the information that needs to be gathered, and how it should be utilised.



We help translate your strategy into an actionable plan, whether it involves questionnaire design, stakeholder interviews, or choosing the right data management platforms.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a data solution from you?

Quality data, when organised correctly, can influence a variety of decisions across your business positively. We collaborate with companies to reshape their perspectives on data, providing methods to leverage it for enhancing their performance and market standing.

How much do your services cost?

Every business is different, therefore a data solution package is often tailored to your company's size and needs.

How long does an engagement last?

Our data engagements usually last between 6-8 weeks, but the duration can vary based on your specific requirements.

How is a data solution structured?

Our data-led packages start with a data assessment. This process takes the necessary time to understand how your business operates and how you currently analyse and manage data.

Am I eligible for a free micro consultation?

Our micro consultations are open to everyone. Each person is limited to one consultation.

Not sure where to start?

We offer free micro consultations to help business owners identify which assessments may be best for them. No obligation, just a friendly and productive conversation.

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